Linux-related mailing-lists in Israel

This is a list of the mailing-lists which are affiliated with the Israeli Group of Linux Users (IGLU). It includes such information as how to subscribe/unsubscribe, posting address, posting guidelines, the address of the mailing-list owner, the mailing-list's homepage and the online messages archive.

If you have any comments, suggestions or additions regarding the information contained here, don't hesitate to contact the maintainer of these pages at the following e-mail:, or in other ways of contacting them.


Israeli Linux (or UNIX in general) beginners can post their questions here. If you are a Linux beginner please use this mailing-list instead of Linux-IL


The main mailing-list for Linux users in Israel.

The Hebrew Linux Mailing List

Linux Discussions and Q&A in Hebrew.

Haifa Linux Club Mailing-list

Announcements of events organized by or related to the Haifa Linux Club (a.k.a Haifux).

General discussion of Linux-related issues and problems is also common and welcome.

Bar-Ilan University Linux Activities

Mailing-list for announcing, coordinating and discussing Linux-related activities in Bar-Ilan University

The Jerusalem Linux Club Activities

The Jerusalem Linux Club's mailing list. Subscribe to get announcements, coordination activity and other discussions.

The Tel Aviv Linux Club Discussion List

The Tel-Aviv Linux Club's mailing list. Subscribe to get announcements, coordination activity and other discussions.

Linux-IL Announce

Announcements for Linux users in Israel (Linux-IL members are automatically subscribed)


A group dedicated for users of the Debian Linux distribution in Israel.

Israeli BSD List

This is the Israeli mailing list for the BSD-derived operating systems. Discussions regarding FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, etc. are welcome


Hackers-IL is a mailing-list dedicated to general discussion of computer-related topics by Israeli people.

IGLU's Website Adminstration (IGLU-web)

The administrative group of the Linux-IL website holds its discussion, announcements and reports here.

Israeli Perl Mongers List

The Israeli Perl-Mongers list is dedicated to questions, answers and discussions regarding the Perl programming language.

Israeli Perl News & Announcements

This is a mailing list for Israeli Perl News and Announcemnts.


Discussions, questions and answers regarding the Python programming language.

PHP Israel List

Discussions and Questions about PHP.

Ruby-Israel Mailing List (Israel.rb)

Discussions and Questions about Ruby in Israel.

Hebrew Bug Zappers

Discussing, reporting and solving bugs related with Israeli/Hebrew internationalisation (i18n) - Bidirectionality, Right-to-left, niqud, etc.

Ivrix Discussions List

Discussions mailing list for the Ivrix Project.

This is a higher-volume mailing list intended for discussing ideas for Ivrix, Ivrix projects, or anything related to Hebrew support for Unix. It is recommended that every Ivrix member who intends to actively participate in Ivrix development (or follow it closely) should subscribe to this mailing list.

Translation List

Mailing List dedicated to translation of technical or semi-technical documents from English to Hebrew or Arabic.

Israeli Web Standards Mailing List

Mailing list for increasing the standards' compatibility of Israeli web-sites and making sure they operate correctly in Linux and cross-platform browsers.

Hamakor Discussions

Mailing list for general discussion of Hamakor-related topics.

"Hatzor Mailing List"

Mailing list for discussing the Hatzor project and integrating Linux in Israeli schools

Other Mailing Lists

There are other world-wide Linux-related mailing-lists which you can join. Here are some useful links:

A list of many Linux mailing lists
Linux Mailing List Menu

The Mail Archive - Archives many Linux-related lists. - archives and provides subscription information for many Linux-related lists.

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