About Us

Hamakor – An Israeli Society for Free Software and Open-Source Code (Registered Society) is a registered Non Profit Organization. It aims to be a legal front and a clearinghouse for different informal bodies and persons who pursue the advancement of free and open source software, in their various definitions, in Israel.The society was founded by several free and open source software activists in Israel, in order to provide an official organisation to ease continuing activities in Israel, activities that have been taking place for over 10 years in different areas, but without an official representation.Since the society's founding, its members have appeared as semi-formal representatives of the free and open source software community in Israel in several events. They represented the community's interests in events such as organising a large scale Linux users group led by commercial companies and interests, a panel discussion on Linux and open source that was organized by the People and Computers newspaper and the Israeli Internet Society 2003 convention and the 2003 Go-Linux convention. It was only natural, that they would establish a society that will be dedicated to these issues.The society also organises annual communal conferences called "August Penguin", and helps in the organisation of the more technical "Open Source Developers' Conference", Israel conferences.

In addition, the society is working to encourage and help activities aligned with its goals, such as financing burning a large number of Linux installation CDs for the Israeli Linux Clubs' Welcome-to-Linux series, and making contact with welfare and education organisations to advance the usage of free software as a way of minimizing the digital divide in the Israeli society.

For more information and to contact the Amuta's Board of Directors, please email board@hamakor.org.il.

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